Agricultural investment through communal

collaboration and agricultural innovation

Bekilo Farms is an integrated farm business based in Igboukwu, Aguata local government in Anambra, Nigeria. We continually strive to employ the best of modern technology, and traditional practices, to deliver environmentally and socially sustainable farming that enriches the environment and uplifts our Communities.

While in Igboukwu, we are working with the community to produce and promote cassava value chain. We are committed to training the youth in farming and agribusiness through various initiatives.



We have a reputation for pasture based and grass fed livestock to ensure rural communities continue to have a sustainable economic base.



With increase in the demand for sustainability and achievement of food security goals comes a considerable improvement and advancement in farming.



In addition to heritage breed pigs, we raise pastured broiler chickens and gather eggs from our pastured laying hens. The animal wastes return to the land as nutrients for the next grass cycle.



We care for the health of the soil and we bring a diverse mix of organic produce and fresh vegetable farm products conveniently to the community.tisans in your area.

Rural development and enhanced food supply

through modern agricultural production.

Bekilo Farms is committed to a transformative agenda to agricultural development which is growth oriented and enterprise development focused.

0% of population
lives in places where air pollution exceeds safe limits
0% of the lakes in America
are extremely polluted and hence risky for swimming, fishing and aquatic life
0+ pesticides
in any air, water or soil can cause birth defects, gene mutation and cancer

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Food needs to be both available and accessible.

Having access to sufficient and nutritious food to meet dietary needs is really the fundamental basis for further development

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